Public Speaking Courses & Presentation Skills Training

The need to speak in front of others can come at any time. Will you be ready?

It is not only vital for people who stand up and give presentations, but anyone who may have to communicate with others; in professional, educational, group, meetings, sports, or social situations. Mastering or fine tuning Public Speaking is not just about standing at the front with a microphone, but also effective communication and presence in meetings.  It can give you an advantage that others may lack, even if their knowledge or message may have been better had it been presented as well as you will be able to.

These courses are created from a unique mix of expertise of business, social, and media presenting/speaking, rather than of one or the other; thus creating superior benefits no matter what your requirement or motivation.

Internal Training

Book our training to be provided in-house for your Staff, Management, Directors, & Owners (incl. bespoke elements if required)

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Individual Public
Speaking Training

Courses & Workshops for individuals (or groups of) to address managing nerves & fine tuning techniques of speaking/presenting

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Sports Communication

Helping Sports People understand why & how to optimise communication with media, sponsors, fans, and teams

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Chris Dawes Profesional Speaker

Open Dawes Training's Founder - Chris Dawes

Chris Dawes never would have believed that by conquering the nerves, and fine tuning the ability to give business presentations (and training sales teams to do the same) he would go on to also be paid to commentate on his favourite sport, be a Master of Ceremony at a wide variety of events, and present on TV and Radio. Anything is possible, and anyone can learn how to turn nerves into excitement.  Chris co-founded Open Dawes Training to pass on his knowledge so that we can help others 'open doors' that they may not yet even know exist!

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"Chris has an extremely relaxed and professional approach to delivering speaker training. He was able to bring to the front the real issues behind presenting nerves, and offer simple and very effective tips to relax and deliver a great presentation. I would recommend Chris to anyone who would like help becoming a more effective presenter.

It was clear that the day was well prepared and thought out, and tackled in a systematic way, which built through the day, the key aspects which holds back a presenter. I liked the way it was an original approach, with your own experiences and self-taught knowledge used to teach me how I could improve.”

Stuart Salmon - Director of a specialist superstructure temporary works company providing expert solutions within the Construction, Civil Engineering and Railway sectors

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