Public Speaking Training or Presentation Skills for Individuals

Speaking confidently in front of others opens doors you may not even yet know exist!

Public Speaking enables you to:

  • Inform people
  • Motivate people
  • Win over/persuade people

Hence it is not only vital for people who stand up and give presentations, but anyone who may have to communicate with others; in professional, educational, meetings, group, sports, or social situations. Mastering or fine tuning Public Speaking is not just about standing at the front with a microphone, but also effective communication and presence in meetings. It can give you an advantage that others may lack, even if their knowledge, interaction, or message may have been better had it been presented as well as you will be able to.

Courses and workshops are held in small groups (maximum of 10) on selected dates around the UK, and help address nerves, speech/presentation delivery, specific skills, and tips to ensure that your voice will be heard and hit the mark.  Click below to find out more about the different courses, including upcoming dates available for you to book your place on.

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Ideal for...

  • Business Owners
  • Members of staff from every department that have to interact with others
  • People who have to provide sales pitches
  • Channel Account Managers
  • Customer Account Managers
  • People who provide training (internally/externally)
  • Customer Support staff
  • Graduates
  • People looking to further their career
  • People who may have to speak at social or community events/meetings
  • People who go to networking events
  • Exhibitors
  • Education presentations (e.g. dissertation/projects or PHD presentations etc.)
  • Wedding speeches
  • Job interviews
  • Media interviews
  • etc.
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What it means for you

  • Help you push your company forward as much as it deserves,
  • Ensure that you have an effective presence & communication in meetings, and thus unlock your valuable knowledge and participation,
  • Give your career an injection by making sure you can showcase your skills and knowledge
  • Help you develop as individuals within the organisation,
  • Build morale – increased confidence, ability, and willingness to give presentations or speak up,
  • Provide increased professionalism – to colleagues, hierarchy, subordinates, customers, stakeholders, etc.
  • Provide increased ability to sell - as competition for business is affecting all companies today, the ability to make a successful presentation or pitch to clients could give your organisation the final edge over your competitors, who might lack this skill,
  • Build stronger customer relationships,
  • Strengthen team relationships,
  • More effective announcements, team briefings and meetings lead to better communication between staff and departments,
  • Enable your commercial organisation to stand out from competition.
  • Give a more powerful performance at conferences to stakeholders, staff, clients, customers, and the press, thus enhancing the organisation’s image,
  • An enjoyable and practical team-building activity or reward event, with participants learning and applying new skills together,
  • Confidence-building for job/promotion interviews,
  • Potentially enable organisations to create their own coaching staff,
  • Enables you to enjoy the opportunity to speak in front of your group (e.g. Church group, WI, etc.)
  • Make networking events more fruitful
  • Increase results at exhibitions
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Get in touch today to discuss your requirements for public speaking or presentation skills training. We will be in contact to answer any questions, discuss the training in more detail, or arrange a free consultation to discuss your organisation's requirements.

If you have specific requirements that are not mentioned in the information pages, please feel free to make requests and we can see if/how we can accommodate. (including providing training on your behalf)

"Chris has an extremely relaxed and professional approach to delivering speaker training. He was able to bring to the front the real issues behind presenting nerves, and offer simple and very effective tips to relax and deliver a great presentation. I would recommend Chris to anyone who would like help becoming a more effective presenter.

It was clear that the day was well prepared and thought out, and tackled in a systematic way, which built through the day, the key aspects which holds back a presenter. I liked the way it was an original approach, with your own experiences and self-taught knowledge used to teach me how I could improve.”

Stuart Salmon - Director of a specialist superstructure temporary works company providing expert solutions within the Construction, Civil Engineering and Railway sectors

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