Case Study - Trade Show Communication Skills

Public Speaking Case Study:

The issue

Our client, a Kent-based insurance company, is a regular attendee at trade shows, where the business has a stand and where it also runs break-out seminars and workshops.

While the shows do reap rewards, the managers rightly suspected that they could get a better return on their investment if the staff representing them had communications training, which is where Open Dawes Training came in.

We ran our training course in house at their Kent location, covering communications training while on the stand and also while delivering seminars.

public speaking case study

Our solution

We have a module within our CPD accredited public speaking and presentation training courses, specifically aimed at enabling businesses to make the most of attending trade shows, by helping their staff to communicate effectively, when they are on a stand.

Our comprehensive training covers areas including:

  • Understanding how to attract delegates to the stand
  • Learning how to start a conversation with trade show delegates
  • Learning how to steer a conversation
  • Generating a successful outcome, be that a follow-up appointment or a sale
  • Knowing how to politely close down a conversation that clearly isn’t going anywhere.

We don’t just talk the talk, we have walked the walk with trade shows. Our Managing Director, Chris Dawes, has more than ten years’ experience in exhibiting at trade shows in his previous role in IT sales.

“Having conversations at trade shows is akin to judo, not boxing,” says Chris. “Judo uses the momentum and weight of an opponent against them by going in their same direction, then shifting them in the direction they want to go. Observe and listen, then take the conversation the way they are taking it. Don’t just jump in, but watch where they go then gently steer.”

The outcome

Our client was delighted with the training we provided, and now has the confidence that trade shows will provide a real return on investment, thanks to the new and improved communications skills the team had acquired.

Following the seminar training, the company has also changed its approach to presenting to ensure they are more effective.

If attending trade shows is part of your business’s marketing activity and you want to ensure you make the most of your spend, then please talk to us about communications training for your team.

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