Open Dawes Training supports Swindon Wildcats

Open Dawes Training are proud and delighted to announce becoming the first power-play sponsors for their local ice hockey team, Swindon Wildcats, for the resumption of play in 2021 for the Spring Cup.

Obviously, the current situation means that fans can not attend the games in person, but the games will be brought to everyone's living rooms with fantastic live coverage of every game being provided.

It gives us great pride that every power play (when players are sent to the sin bin for two minutes or more, so one team is playing with one or more player(s) than the other) will have the "It's an Open Dawes Training Power-Play" logo on the screen for their entirety.

open dawes training swindon wildcats

Our founder, Chris Dawes, said: "My family and I thoroughly enjoy watching Swindon Wildcats games, and have really missed it! It is obvious how hard it will have been for the players and indeed the club in general not to be able to play. Therefore, the creation of the Spring Cup and find ways to safely resume play is very welcome indeed."

Open Dawes Training power play

The full article can be seen on the Swindon Wildcats website.

Chris continued, "Of course it is a huge shame not be able to return rink side, but this is a good second best and is great to be able to watch games again. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying the experience even being recreated with hot dogs and our usual beverages whilst watching the game even though we are in the comfort of our own home.

"There are, unsurprisingly, a lot of power-plays during a game, and it adds even more to the game to see my company's name on screen, and great pride to know we are helping our team in such difficult teams. If anyone else is curious about the options available to get involved, I would very strongly recommend it, and if you have never been to watch a game, I suggest giving it a go, as we became recent converts after our first experience. It helped us standing next to someone who could explain everything as the game unfolded, and that was it, we were hooked after that one game!!"

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