"Peek Through Open Dawes" - 2: Written vs Verbal

Video 2: Verbal Communication versus Overuse of Email/Electronic Messaging

Open Dawes Training are delighted to be releasing a sequence of videos that provide tips/advice in their own right, but also an insight into the content, objectives, and psychology we use in our Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, and Media Training services.

This video looks into the the effect electronic forms of communication; such as email and messaging; have damaged the use and skills of face to face verbal communication within organisations.  Even in a video deliberately limited to only 60 seconds it is clear to see the difference of the impact and outcome of the same conversation via email and face to face.  It is no surprise that more and more organisations are reaching out to us to help them remind/educate members of the organisation of the importance and benefits of speaking face to face instead of simply pinging over an email that is flat and can be misinterpreted.

You can see a previous written article (ironically...) on how electronic mail/messaging has become the number 1 killer of communication within and between organisations/people.

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