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FREE PDF: Top 5 Sources of Nerves When Speaking in Public

Click the image above to download your FREE PDF of our top 5 sources of nerves when speaking in public, and start your journey to managing those nerves, learning how to keep them in perspective and under control, and using the adrenaline to your advantage!

Ways to start your presentations

FREE PDF: Start Your Presentations with Control and Impact

Click the image above to download your FREE PDF of our top 3 high-impact ways to start every time you speak in public to start creating your own high-impact ways to open up, and have the confidence that you have their full attention and understanding of why it is going to be important, relevant, and of interest to them, every time you speak in public!

Opened Dawes Podcast

"Opened Dawes" Podcast

The "Opened Dawes" Podcast addresses a different issue, set of skills or considerations, or particular topic on public speaking and presentation skills in each show and can be listened to via all of the popular podcast platforms. Listen to past episodes right here!

Opened Dawes Live

"Opened Dawes" Live video show

“Opened Dawes” Live is a live video show broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, which runs every 1 to 2 weeks so that we can open the doors and welcome you in for a relaxed and interactive sharing of information, tips, thoughts, and answering any questions about public speaking and presentation/communication skills you may have. Click the image to view past shows, and remember to click subscribe and turn on notifications to be informed when the live shows are broadcast.

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To read helpful articles, tips, news and updates about public speaking, presentation skills, communication skills, media training, and Open Dawes Training Ltd, click to peruse the blog articles page.

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