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Online Public Speaking, Communication, & Presentation Skills Training Hub

Open Dawes Training also has a full online Training Hub, which provides online content and hybrid programmes that combine:

  • online video and audio modules, specific products, and practical exercises, available to return to and revisit as you develop!
  • on-demand - "your pace, your place", including an app,
  • in-person ongoing support and mentoring,
  • peer input with members-only academy groups
  • ongoing group video calls
  • webinar programmes
  • and many more services to help make sure it is development as well as training!
  • Programme options already include
    • Subject-specific modules
    • Full Standard programme
    • Full Pro-Package
    • Corporate/Group Packages
    • Drip fed monthly
    • Online content only
    • Membership service

To find out more about our online/hybrid programmes, from video and audio content to digest and return to on your own and in your own time, to fully supported coaching and mentoring programmes, click the button below.

online public speaking training

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