Organisational Internal Public Speaking and Presentation Training

Presentation Skills, Effective Presence & Communication in Meetings, Speeches, Facing the Media or Marketing Videos

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If an organisation’s employees, management, and Directors have the ability to speak confidently in front of others, with conviction and passion, can master storytelling authoritatively and engagingly, and get their message over in a compelling way, then it will enable them to even better:

  • Inform people (e.g. internal meetings/presentations, training, sales pitches, reviews)
  • Motivate people (e.g. sales pitches, internal meetings/presentations, stakeholder meetings/presentations)
  • Win over/persuade people (e.g. sales pitches, speeches/presentations by CEO's/Directors, stakeholder meetings/presentations)

Hence it is not only vital for people who stand up and give presentations but anyone who may have to communicate with others; including ensuring effective presence & communication within meetings. Mastering or fine tuning Public Speaking is not just about standing at the front with a microphone, but also effective communication and presence in meetings. It can give you an advantage that others may lack, even if their knowledge, interaction, or message may have been better had it been presented as well as you will be able to.

Examples have included Sales teams, staff who provide training, Management teams, Directors, CEO's etc., Graduates, Apprentices, and anyone else who has to participate in meetings, presentations, discussions, exhibitions/seminars, networking meetings, etc.

Providing such training is seen as a very beneficial investment in people by both organisations and individuals, and is thus also often used as a motivator for members of the organisation at every level of the hierarchy.

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't... If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers." - Richard Branson

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  • “Chris came in specifically to deliver a 90-minute taster session for Nationwide. This session covered the benefits, techniques and tips for presenting in a variety of situations. I was really impressed how Chris tailored the content for the group. In his unique style Chris role modelled and delivered an engaging talk on how best to present and conquer what can sometimes be all consuming nerves. Along with several anecdotes and real life practical tips, the group left motivated and ready to put this all into practice. If you need someone to help you deliver presentations and speak with confidence in any arena – then Chris can help you to Open Doors…” 

    Mark Bates, Technical Development Programme Manager, Nationwide Building Society

Ideal for...

  • CEO's, Directors, and Management
  • Those identified as future talent
  • Members of staff from every department that have to interact with others
  • Sales Teams who have to provide sales pitches
  • Channel Account Managers
  • Customer Account Managers
  • Staff who provide training (internally/externally)
  • Customer Support staff
  • Training and development provision as an investment in people (incl. IIP)
  • Heads of Departments
  • etc.
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What it means for you

  • Help staff develop as individuals within the organisation,
  • Enable more knowledge and skill-sets to be shared and benefited from throughout the organisation,
  • Ensure that everyone has an effective presence & communication in meetings, and thus unlock their valuable knowledge and participation,
  • Build morale – increased confidence, ability, and willingness to give presentations or speak up,
  • Increase efficiency within the organisation, by avoiding others having to reinvent the wheel,
  • Provide increased professionalism – to colleagues, hierarchy, subordinates, customers, stakeholders, etc.
  • Provide increased ability to sell - as competition for business is affecting all companies today, the ability to make a successful presentation or pitch to clients could give your organisation the final edge over your competitors, who might lack this skill,
  • Build stronger customer relationships,
  • Strengthen team relationships,
  • More effective announcements, team briefings and meetings lead to better communication between staff and departments,
  • Enable commercial organisations to stand out from competition.
  • Your CEOs, Directors, and Management can give a more powerful performance at conferences to stakeholders, staff, clients, customers, and the press, thus enhancing the organisation’s image,
  • An enjoyable and practical team-building activity or reward event, with participants learning and applying new skills together,
  • Confidence-building for promotion interviews,
  • Potentially enable organisations to create their own coaching staff.
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Organisational courses available

Options available include:

Please contact us to discuss in more detail, and establish which options would be most suitable.  Content/Messages can, of course, be bespoke for your organisation if required.

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