Event Planning Consultancy

Live Event Planning Consultancy

So you are holding a seminar, exhibition, open day etc., and have you thought of everything?

As a result of many years of being part of seminars and exhibitions, of all sizes, locations, and sectors, we are perfectly placed to help make sure yours goes perfectly!!  With the amount of time, effort, and money being spent on it, you need to make sure that everything is considered and perfect and reap the rewards of the event you have dreamed of!  Yet annoyingly you know that it could be just that one tiny little thing that isn't quite right is the thing that at least some of the attendees remember the most.  It's not fair, but it is the case time and time again.


There are so many things to consider, and we can help you with all or some of these.

  • Venue, including:
    • Access (cars and trucks if required)
    • Easy to find
    • Number and security of parking spaces
    • Space for attendees to arrive and sign in
    • Space for refreshments to be served and enjoyed
    • Room for exhibitors and/or presenters
    • Power for exhibitors
    • Wifi for exhibitors
    • Room and seats for attendees
    • Lighting
    • Temperature
    • Acoustics of room
    • Food quality, quantity, and space/location to be served and eaten
  • Audio/Visual equipment required and provided
    • Including size of the room
    • Audio volume required and available
  • Presentation Skills of everyone involved
  • On-screen Presentations
    • Size
    • Content
    • Flow
    • Design
    • Technical
  • Flow of attendees
  • Content relevancy
  • Content relevancy in relation to flow of attendees (e.g. if you move all attendees to a zone/content that is not for some or more of them, then you will have not only lost them during that session/zone but the following ones too).

How can we help?

There are two levels of service available.  We can either put together a report of our recommendations, or we can plan the whole thing apart from drumming up attendees for your event.

Please either send an email to  enquiries@opendawestraining.co.uk with a subject line of "Event Consultancy", or call us on 01793 238259, and we can start the discussions to get a better understanding.  Once we know what is required, and which of the two service level options you require, we will be able to quote and advise accordingly, and together take great pride in what will be a fantastic and rewarding event for your organisation.

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