Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

It is stated that public speaking is a "soft skill", but we believe (from experience) that it is, therefore, a "soft skill" that gives your "core skills" a voice!

To be all we can be it is vital that we can and do share our knowledge, experiences, skills, and opinions effectively and confidently, or our impact and presence could be lost in the noise of everyone and everything else!

We all have to speak in front of people, whether that’s delivering a formal presentation or just getting our point of view across during a meeting.

But we don’t all have the desire, confidence or right skills to deliver our messages effectively and sometimes nerves can get in our way of being ourselves, let alone a good communicator.

This is where Open Dawes Training can help. We offer public speaking, communication, and presentation skills training for individuals or for organisations.

Our public speaking coaching is drawn from our personal experience of dealing with nerves, fine-tuning structure, planning, and delivery techniques and seeing what can be achieved by harnessing the adrenaline of speaking in front of others.

Our training has helped in a vast range of areas already, such as:

  • Internal, external, and online presentations
  • Sales pitches with impact and control
  • Delivery of training (internal and external)
  • Greater presence and communication skills in meetings (and encouraging others within them)
  • Ensuring controlled and productive online meetings via video-conference
  • Speeches
  • Management/Directors communication, speeches, presentations, meetings, motivation etc.
  • Interviews
  • Media interviews, including guesting on podcasts, etc.
  • Presenting to camera for marketing or training videos
  • Having those difficult conversations, with control and results
  • Crisis management communication
  • Our new for 2021 "Presenter in your Pocket" app and mentoring group to provide ongoing support, training, and development
  • and many more, still growing and enthralling us...

Click below to see the area that is relevant to you, to see how Open Dawes Training's courses, workshops, and mentoring can help you or your organisation.

Public Speaking Training Presentation Skills Course
  • “Chris came in specifically to deliver a 90-minute taster session for Nationwide. This session covered the benefits, techniques and tips for presenting in a variety of situations. I was really impressed how Chris tailored the content for the group. In his unique style Chris role modelled and delivered an engaging talk on how best to present and conquer what can sometimes be all consuming nerves. Along with several anecdotes and real life practical tips, the group left motivated and ready to put this all into practice. If you need someone to help you deliver presentations and speak with confidence in any arena – then Chris can help you to Open Doors…” 

    Mark Bates, Technical Development Programme Manager, Nationwide Building Society

  • "I got a lot from the day and with Chris's sales & media background, he made it very easy to open up and talk without even trying. It was very good and I hope I now have the tools to be better than I was. We may look to bring other drivers and key team members down so training the team as a whole."

    Racing driver and team owner aiming for Le Mans 24 hours.

  • "Massive thanks to Chris Dawes at Open Dawes Training for all his help in preparing me for the Mazda road to Indy scholarship shootout next week. Would fully recommend their Sports Communications/Media training!"

    Oliver White - Racing Driver

  • "Chris was very knowledgeable and really helped to boost my confidence with public speaking. I also came away with some very useful tips and tricks for future presentations."

    Georgia Sketchley

  • "I attended a 1 day 'Open Dawes' session with a group of my colleagues last week, Chris provided loads of fantastic information on every aspect of public speaking - I have taken away a lot of useful tips and ideas. Cant wait to put them into practice!"

    Edward Jackson - General Insurance Manager

  • "I really wanted to be more confident and feel less nervous in one-to-one meetings and knew that training would help,” said Karen. “Chris is very open and friendly, and easy to get along with. He really put me at ease, especially during the videoing. I now have good strategies in place to help me deal with my nerves when I meet new clients, which I can use going forward."

    Karen Masi – Director of Oculus Wealth Management Wiltshire

  • "Recently completed a 1 day course with Chris, he delivered an enlightening presentation with some fantastic take away tips to really help with confidence, content and most importantly delivery. Highly recommend."

    Marcus Lifton

  • "Open Dawes Training - Communication Skills that Remove Limits. I had the pleasure of attending this course and I took away so much knowledge and insperation. Confidence was an issue but Chris demonstrated how planning, and format of the presentation makes the difference"

    Lloyd Ayers‎

  • "I attended a recent public speaking session with Chris and learnt a lot. His consistent approach and ability to help you individually on how you can improve, the techniques that you need and he lets you know the things you don't even realise you are doing is really helpful. I came away with a lot that I can improve on and he gave me the tools to do this, and I realised that it is not just me that gets nervous and how to channel this into positivity. I would highly recommend attending any courses available, it will help everyone in a positive way"

    Lucy (Customer Experience Team Manager), Key Solutions

  • "Public speaking, presenting, OMG!! Apparently, I appear calm and confident......... well I can tell you my stomach is in knots, I have sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat.... the works. Chris provided a group of us with some sound advice, some hints and tips and some background to enable us to improve. The course handbook with all my notes is still out, a quick read to remind me will happen often until I feel calm and collected. This may never happen but I feel better prepared for my next presentation already. For me, Chris's course has provided enough pointers for me to concentrate on, one at a time, to consistently improve my skills. At the very least, this course highlighted some Do's and Do not's. At the most, it has provided me with a framework for constant improvement. Will I be a great public speaker? Maybe, eventually........ will I be a better presenter? Definitely"

    Christian Lingard‎ (Key Solutions)

  • "Chris has an extremely relaxed and professional approach to delivering speaker training. He was able to bring to the front the real issues behind presenting nerves, and offer simple and very effective tips to relax and deliver a great presentation. I would recommend Chris to anyone who would like help becoming a more effective presenter.

    It was clear that the day was well prepared and thought out, and tackled in a systematic way, which built through the day, the key aspects which holds back a presenter. I liked the way it was an original approach, with your own experiences and self-taught knowledge used to teach me how I could improve.”

    Stuart Salmon - Director of a specialist superstructure temporary works company providing expert solutions within the Construction, Civil Engineering and Railway sectors

  • Firstly, I would like to thank you for your insights and coping mechanisms documented in your nerves training programme.

    I purchased it, viewed it and your insights just resonated with me. I then presented to an industry-renowned event this week and the feedback that I got was fantastic!! Little did they know that last weekend I was a bag of nerves!!

    My story Chris is one in which I ran a successful Consultancy business, presenting was never a problem then out of the blue I had a massive stroke!!

    Fortunately, I've recovered but ever since that tragic event, I've had this block about presenting which I've found has hampered me in my professional life, as I try to stay out of any presentation events.

    It's early days, but with your help I think I've found a way to manage my nerves, look forward to sharing my knowledge and I'm well on the way to unblocking this part of my life. Thank you!!

    David Dent - Director

  • "Thank you Chris and congratulations on getting your training CPD accredited it certainly is worth it as it is brilliant. I am not scared of public speaking but I really was not sure I was getting my message across. I now know what I am doing right (some of that I had not realised) and where and how I need to improve on the structure of my talks. I have to say I now feel much more confident and preparing my presentations is much easier and faster as I now know what I am doing rather than hoping it will make sense to the listeners. I am looking forward to many more opportunities to present."

    Julie Nicholls

Organisational Internal Training

In-house interactive public speaking and presentation coaching days for groups (10 max) of your staff, management, directors or stakeholders.


Individual Public Speaking Training

One-to-one courses, mentoring, and workshops for individuals to help manage nerves and fine-tune public speaking, communication, and presentation skills.


Online Training Hub

Training can be provided via video conference if face-to-face is not possible and can be delivered either 1:1 or to groups of up to 6 people maximum at a time.


Enquire today about Public Speaking Courses & Training

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements for public speaking, presentation skills, or media training. We will be in contact to answer any questions, discuss the training in more detail, or arrange a free consultation to discuss your, or your organisation's requirements.

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