Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

The need to speak in front of others can come at any time.  Will you be ready?

Not everyone is able to simply be the focus of attention and speak in front of other people with confidence, and for many the nerves can be debilitating. Open Dawes Training’s confident public speaking training courses are designed from personal experiences of the nerves, fine tuning delivery techniques, and seeing what can be achieved by harnessing the adrenaline of speaking in front of others.

This is not only relevant to people who stand up and give presentations, but anyone who may have to communicate with others; in professional, educational, meetings, group, sport, or social situations; as it enables us all to inform, motivate, and win over/persuade those we are communicating with, or presenting to.

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Public Speaking Training Presentation Skills Course
  • "Massive thanks to Chris Dawes at Open Dawes Training for all his help in preparing me for the Mazda road to Indy scholarship shootout next week. Would fully recommend their Sports Communications/Media training!"

    Oliver White - Racing Driver

  • "I got a lot from the day and with Chris sales & media background, he made it very easy to open up and talk without even trying.  It was very good and I hope I now have the tools to be better than I was.  We may look to bring other drivers and key team members down so training the team as a whole."

    Racing driver and team owner aiming for Le Mans 24 hours.

  • “Chris came in specifically to deliver a 90-minute taster session for Nationwide. This session covered the benefits, techniques and tips for presenting in a variety of situations. I was really impressed how Chris tailored the content for the group. In his unique style Chris role modelled and delivered an engaging talk on how best to present and conquer what can sometimes be all consuming nerves. Along with several anecdotes and real life practical tips, the group left motivated and ready to put this all into practice. If you need someone to help you deliver presentations and speak with confidence in any arena – then Chris can help you to Open Doors…” 

    Mark Bates, Technical Development Programme Manager, Nationwide Building Society

  • "Chris has an extremely relaxed and professional approach to delivering speaker training. He was able to bring to the front the real issues behind presenting nerves, and offer simple and very effective tips to relax and deliver a great presentation. I would recommend Chris to anyone who would like help becoming a more effective presenter.

    It was clear that the day was well prepared and thought out, and tackled in a systematic way, which built through the day, the key aspects which holds back a presenter. I liked the way it was an original approach, with your own experiences and self-taught knowledge used to teach me how I could improve.”

    Stuart Salmon - Director of a specialist superstructure temporary works company providing expert solutions within the Construction, Civil Engineering and Railway sectors

Organisational Internal Training

Contracts or 1-off dates for organisations who want training to be provided in-house for their staff and/or hierarchy.


Individual Public Speaking Training

Book onto pre-set public speaking or presentation skills course at UK locations for individuals (or groups of) by Open Dawes Training.


Sports Media Training

Designed to help sports people looking to further their career to appreciate and master communication skills with sponsors, media, & fans, etc.


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