Online Public Speaking Courses

By request, we are delighted to be able to also provide our public speaking, media, and presentation skills training online (incl. general communication skills and greater presence in meetings) which enables you to work through our full training content from wherever you are:

  • Remote training via video conference (1-to-1 or small groups) - including practical exercises and feedback and analysis of recorded work. Or,

Whether in person or to the camera, grow in CONFIDENCE, WILLINGNESS, and ABILITY to present, train, pitch, and speak in front of others, and see the doors and opportunities open for you and your organisation!

remote presentation skills training

The full suite of Open Dawes Training programmes can be provided via video conference (Zoom), enabling you or your team to receive the training from wherever they are. But the interaction is no less (other than not being able to throw things at your coach...), with practical exercises, recordings of candidates in action, role plays, and bespoke content and/or discussions relevant to you or your organisation.

Contact us to discuss your potential requirements and how best we can work with you or your organisation

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training courses
  • "I really wanted to be more confident and feel less nervous in one-to-one meetings and knew that training would help,” said Karen. “Chris is very open and friendly, and easy to get along with. He really put me at ease, especially during the videoing. I now have good strategies in place to help me deal with my nerves when I meet new clients, which I can use going forward."

    Karen Masi – Director of Oculus Wealth Management Wiltshire

presentation skills online training
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