Sports Media & Communication Skills Training

Are you a sportsman or woman who feels your lack of communication skills is getting in the way?

Are you a sports person who needs more confidence when talking to the media, sponsors or fans?

Do you feel being tongue-tied and nervous is holding you back?

Being great at your sport is fantastic. If you add on top some brilliant communication skills, this could give you the edge.

Open Dawes Training for sports people

And if you’re in the position of having access to the media or sponsors or fans, why not take advantage of that and be a great communicator with them?

First, we help you understand why it’s so important to be able to interact with others and get across your personality, emotions, and opinions to the media, sponsors, fans and teams.

Suffer from nerves? Don’t worry. We have techniques to help you deal with nerves so they don’t get in the way and prevent the media, fans and sponsors from connecting with you.

Step three is to look at improving and honing your style and skills in interacting and communicating, so you come across at your very best when you communicate.

Sponsors and the media will gravitate towards the best communicators, not just the best sports people.

Fans love a good communicator and if they love you, they’ll help promote you. And teams will turn to the sports people they have got to know, respect, and like.

For great sports media and communication skills training, please get in touch with the team here at Open Dawes Training.

Also, see the article on Motorsports Media Training in particular, as a result of our founder Chris Dawes's very heavy involvement in motorsports.

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  • "I got a lot from the day and with Chris's sales & media background, he made it very easy to open up and talk without even trying. It was very good and I hope I now have the tools to be better than I was. We may look to bring other drivers and key team members down so training the team as a whole."

    Racing driver and team owner aiming for Le Mans 24 hours.

  • "Massive thanks to Chris Dawes at Open Dawes Training for all his help in preparing me for the Mazda road to Indy scholarship shootout next week. Would fully recommend their Sports Communications/Media training!"

    Oliver White - Racing Driver

Sports Media/Communications Courses Available

Click here for the Sports Communications Training brochure

Sports Media Training 1-to-1

One-to-one workshop to focus on specifics for individual sports people in how to interact with media, sponsors, fans, teams etc.


Sports Media and Communications Mentoring

Contracts to provide ongoing mentoring throughout a season (or part of), including sponsorship acquisition advice/assistance



Get in touch today to discuss your requirements for sports communication training. We will be in contact to answer any questions, discuss the training in more detail, or arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

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