1-to-1 Sports Media Coaching

There are different options:

  1. One Day Public Speaking and Media Coaching Course - This involves the above being done in one day at Open Dawes Training’s offices in Swindon, Wiltshire - £475 + VAT (if alternative venue required, costs will need to be discussed)
  2. One and a Half Day Public Speaking and Media Coaching Course - As above, but also a half day follow up at a suitable time after the initial day. This could be to revisit certain areas of the coaching, also provide scriptwriting assistance for specific pending presentations, and/or further assistance in the lead up to a specific important event - £675 + VAT (if alternative venue required, costs will need to be discussed)
  3. 3, 6 or 12-month Public Speaking and Sports Media Mentoring Program - A mentoring package is all about a prolonged period of working together to ensure that the improvements stick, and can be adapted over time as/if required. - from £668 + VAT per month (quarterly and up-front plans also available). Includes the following:
    1. Telephone/Videoconference at start of each month to plan that month’s requirements (that haven’t already been planned)
    2. Up to one day per month (either as 1 day or two half days as required, or rolled over within the stipulated limitations) can be spent face to face (either at Open Dawes Training’s premises, or at other venues if travel costs are covered – this can include being at an event that candidate will be speaking at to provide support, feedback, and assistance; including interview/interviewee dynamic if suits the situation).
    3. Ongoing Email/phone assistance
    4. Up to 4 hours video conference per month (not rolled over, but not strict as long as not abused)

General information about the Sports Media Training can also be found by clicking the link.

See the article on Motorsports Media Training in particular, as a result of our founder Chris Dawes's very heavy involvement in motorsports.

Sports Media Training brochure

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  • Reasons for letting your personality out to help, fund, and further your sports career
  • Importance and advantages of public speaking or presenting to help your sports career through improved interaction and thus enhancing the presentation of your sponsorship/partnership/opportunity proposition
  • Exploring and Understanding emotions/thoughts when speaking with media, sponsors, fans, teams etc. (and putting them into perspective)
  • Nerves (reasons for them, and ways to manage them and use them to your advantage),
  • How to speak with conviction and passion, be engaging and authoritative, and get messages over in a compelling way
  • Basics of Public Speaking skills and how to let others see the real you
  • Sports people looking to get funding and support to continue their career
  • Sports people looking to further their career - ultimately to become professional
  • Professional Sports people looking to enhance their own offering
  • Teams looking to train their representatives/sports stars

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Sports Media & Communication Skills Training courses
  • "Massive thanks to Chris Dawes at Open Dawes Training for all his help in preparing me for the Mazda road to Indy scholarship shootout next week. Would fully recommend their Sports Communications/Media training!"

    Oliver White - Racing Driver

  • "I got a lot from the day and with Chris's sales & media background, he made it very easy to open up and talk without even trying. It was very good and I hope I now have the tools to be better than I was. We may look to bring other drivers and key team members down so training the team as a whole."

    Racing driver and team owner aiming for Le Mans 24 hours.

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