One-to-One Session

Whether it is to increase your confidence and skills in speaking up in front of others in meetings, or in professional, educational, or social group situations; or to master/fine-tune presentation skills or provision of speeches; Open Dawes Training can provide one-to-one (or potentially one-to-a- select few) sessions to help you.

We are able to provide either targeted one hour sessions (via video conference or at our offices in Swindon, Wiltshire) or more interactive half or full-day sessions at our offices (or a location convenient to you if costs are covered).

Half/Full Day (or more) One-to-one Training

A typical one-to-one session starts with you being video recorded providing a presentation, which will then be locked away until the end of the session. We then proceed with the Open Dawes training material (including any targeted elements for your specific requirement or challenge), including practical examples and exercises as we go.

Upon completion of this, we will then record you redoing the presentation, applying the lessons and confidence tricks learnt, and the lockdown will be removed from the first attempt so that we can compare the two versions and see first-hand the progress and improvements you will have already made. We are 100% confident that improvements are seen every time, which then also further increases your confidence and reaffirms the learning. If multiple sessions are being provided, then this also highlights areas for further support and coaching in subsequent sessions.

Prices based on taking place at Open Dawes Training's Swindon (Wiltshire) offices, or additional costs to be calculated if travel required. These fees are discounted from the organisationally funded fees and are only available if paid for personally, for Personal Development.

  • £500 (VAT inclusive) per half-day
  • Alternatively - 3, 6, or 12-month mentoring programs for private individuals are also available (or internal contracts for organisation) - **most popular for ongoing and reinforced development**
    • A mentoring package is all about a prolonged period of working together to ensure that the improvements stick, and can be adapted over time as/if required. Includes the following:
      1. Telephone/Video conference at the start of each month to plan that month’s requirements (that haven’t already been planned)
      2. Up to one day per month (either as 1 day or two half-days as required, or rolled over within the stipulated limitations) can be spent face to face (either at Open Dawes Training’s premises, or at other venues if travel costs are covered – this can include being at an event that candidate will be speaking at to provide support, feedback, and assistance; including interview/interviewee dynamic if suits the situation).
      3. Ongoing Email/phone assistance
      4. Up to 4 hours of video conference per month (not rolled over, but not strict as long as not abused)

One Hour One-to-one Session

The one-hour sessions are designed to explore areas that are key to you and whilst it does not afford the time to include practical exercises like the half/full-day courses, it does enable you to leave with notes to work on, think about, and put into practice yourself.

This could be ideal as a specific follow on to any of the other Open Dawes courses or if you have a particular pending requirement that Open Dawes Training can assist with urgently.

Please complete the contact details form below (quoting "1-hour session" in the "How can we help" section), and we will be in touch to arrange a mutually suitable date and time, either at our office in Swindon, Wiltshire; or via video conference.

PRICE - FROM £180 (VAT inclusive) for 1 HOUR

To request a free telephone conversation, face-to-face meeting, or video conference consultation to discuss in more detail, please complete the enquiry form below, email, or call 01793 238259

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