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Whilst it is an understandable opinion that a sports person's talking is done by their sporting performances, even more so these days this is not solely the case. A false ceiling of where your sporting abilities can get you can be created by a lack of communication confidence/skills.

Even though interaction, exposure, appeal, etc. may feel more like something akin to taking advantage of a commodity; when these people are aiding or funding your ability to go further in your chosen sport, the 'using to your advantage' is mutual! However, it is evident that many sports people do not naturally openly communicate with people they don't know, which is, of course, a natural human reaction.

  • Firstly, Open Dawes Training help you understand why it is so important to interact and let your true personality, emotions, experiences, opinions etc. out to the media, sponsors, fans, and teams etc.
  • From this, we then look at the nerves and help you deal with them, and put them back into perspective so that you can make sure they do not stop you from letting everyone else connect with the real sports star that they put on a pedestal!
  • Once we have achieved this, we then look at polishing your style and skills of interacting and communicating with all the relevant people, to make sure that you complete the toolset required to fulfil your potential!

Sponsors have choices where they put their money, and it isn't just on the "best" performer in the sport!

Media have a choice who they interview, and for how long, which in turn determines the level of exposure you/sponsors receive!

Fans talk about and post pictures on social media etc. of the sports people they like most (including their sponsors), which means they are promoting you even whilst you are asleep!

And teams or other related opportunities will turn to the sports people they have got to know, respect, and like when they have a requirement!

Open Dawes Training can help complete the jigsaw by putting these missing pieces into place to help give you the best opportunity to fulfil your potential; don't leave anything to chance!

See the article on Motorsports Media Training in particular, as a result of our founder Chris Dawes's very heavy involvement in motorsports.

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  • "I got a lot from the day and with Chris sales & media background, he made it very easy to open up and talk without even trying.  It was very good and I hope I now have the tools to be better than I was.  We may look to bring other drivers and key team members down so training the team as a whole."

    Racing driver and team owner aiming for Le Mans 24 hours.

  • "Massive thanks to Chris Dawes at Open Dawes Training for all his help in preparing me for the Mazda road to Indy scholarship shootout next week. Would fully recommend their Sports Communications/Media training!"

    Oliver White - Racing Driver


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