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Businesses should offer their teams a little learning

From May 14-20 2018 it is National Learning at Work Week, run by the Campaign for Learning, which aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work.

At Open Dawes Training, we are right behind this campaign, because we believe company bosses could and should do more in the way of offering learning and development opportunities to their staff, which would benefit the organisation as much as the person receiving the training.

“It’s of course very important for employees to have the hard skills they need to do their role, but just as important are the soft skills – those extra skills which make them better, more effective workers and also help them to develop,” says Open Dawes Training’s founder and Managing Director Chris Dawes. “This is where I believe some companies could do more for their staff. They should implement a full training and development strategy which gives their staff and management the opportunity to improve and extend their skills.”

learn at work week with Open Dawes Training

Training & Development is an Investment

Chris says some companies really understand the benefits of providing learning opportunities, but others regard it as an unnecessary expense, with the returns difficult to measure.

“We’ve just delivered training for one client who wanted employees at every level to improve their speaking skills - not just the sales team, but the sales administrators, the warehouse manager and others - because that client really understood the benefit of having staff able to communicate effectively.”

At Open Dawes Training, we believe companies which invest in learning and development for their teams, should look for trainers with a strong background and track record in using the skills they train themselves, as well as accreditation, such as the CPD accredited training we offer. Chris’s background is 18 years spent in business and media, where he honed his own presentation and speaking skills.

Chris says: “With CPD accredited training, such as we offer, not only are employers investing in quality training but at the same time delegates can earn CPD credits, which for many is a requirement for their ongoing training and development and also a helpful measurement tool for those who don’t require the credits.”

As the Campaign for Learning puts it: “We are likely to be healthier, happier, longer living and wealthier if we are active learners. We benefit as individuals, but learning beyond school also has wide-ranging and immeasurable benefits for our families and communities, our working lives, society and the economy.”

If you are interested in helping improve the presentation and public speaking skills of your teams on a one-to-one or group basis, or if you are an individual looking for learning and development, please get in touch.

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