"Peek Through Open Dawes" - 5: Nerves - Who & why

Episode 5: NERVES! - Who & Why?

Open Dawes Training are delighted to be releasing a sequence of videos that provide tips/advice in their own right, but also an insight into the content, objectives, and psychology we use in our Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, and Media Training services.

Of all of the areas that the Open Dawes Training courses, workshops, and mentoring covers; nerves are probably the hottest topic. As covered in this video, no one is alone in feeling nervous, because EVERYONE has nerves about there voice being heard by others; whether in a meeting, presentation, speech, or media piece. The problem is that those who are nervous don't believe that others are nervous, because they don't look like they are and seem to be exuding confidence, but we can assure you that even the most seasoned speaker, presenter, actor, comic, etc. still have nerves; they have just learned how to control and use them to their advantage. Our own founder (and foolish presenter in the "Peek Through Open Dawes" videos), Chris Dawes, gets seriously nervous whenever he is presenting, commentating, hosting, or even doing these videos; not that most people know or believe it because he clearly thrives on the adrenaline caused by the nerves... (and he is nuts!!!)

The fact that we are unable to tell that others are nervous gives rise to a seriously ironic source of nerves; that we will look nervous... So we get nervous about being nervous... To make it even more ironic that we get nervous about appearing nervous, but we can't see that others are nervous; consider the fact that there is nothing more off putting than a speech or presentation, etc., being given by someone who has zero nerves and is in fact over confident (dare we say cocky??). So we can't strive to have/show zero nerves, or it will back fire! Either we have nerves that are under control so only we know we have them but we don't appear over confident, or we have slightly more nerves on show and the whole audience has empathy/sympathy with you (because they know they would be the same) and you have them totally on your side.

So as this episode of Peek Through Open Dawes touches on; we all get nervous, it is better to be, and it therefore should not be a source of additional nerves. In fact, the key mantra from this video is to not try to get calm, but let the adrenaline to get you excited!! Otherwise you will get even more nervous when you can't actually calm yourself down (a key take away from Open Dawes Training is that there is a serious compound effect of superfluous nerves, and the nerves these cause, etc....)

We will be following up this episode with a deeper look at some of the reasons for nerves, and how to deal with them; although it goes without saying that there is so much to cover that they can not all appear in these deliberately short videos, but are covered in great detail in the one day training, half day workshops, and ongoing mentoring programs (which include 1-to-1 sessions and practicals, Skype Video Call support sessions before/after events, etc.), and media training sessions (commercial or sporting).

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