Facebook Live - Optimum Use of Scripts

Chris Dawes; the founder of Open Dawes Training, professional motorsports commentator, presenter (business, TV, live event, and radio), and voice over artist; is interviewed by Natalie Sherman of Naturally Social on a Facebook Live.

In this fourth instalment of numerous planned Facebook Live's on Open Dawes Training's Facebook page Chris talks about something that not only causes issues in itself, but creates additional challenges or issues; scripts! Or more to the point, how much script should we write when presenting or speaking, what content should feature in any script or plan, how can we make sure it flows, etc.

Scripts are a key area that not only impact the quality of what we have to say, but can have a huge effect on our level of nerves that need to be managed.

writing a presentation script

Remember, "less script means more of you"! So amongst other things, this video covers how listing rather than scripting what we need/want to cover acts as a control mechanism so that we can ensure we cover everything, and even the order we want to cover things, but we then flour it up with our personality and roll with the punches. It can be different every time, but with this we will know that we will always cover the key points/material. Plus, it leaves us with less to get nervous about forgetting.

The next planned Facebook Live is scheduled for February 19th at 6pm, and will be about verbal communication versus physical communication You can also subscribe to receive future tips and advice articles/videos

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