Maximise professional training by asking "why"?

To get the best from training start with ‘why?’

There are so many training options available for business owners that making a selection can be mind-boggling. You’re not only investing money in the learning, you are investing time.

why professional training

So once you’ve picked a course or workshop, you want to be sure whoever attends – whether it’s you or members of your team/organisation – really makes the most of it and take that learning back to the workplace. But how often do you find the messages have been left behind in the ‘classroom’?

Where many training courses fall short is to forget to address the ‘why?’ Here’s why we ask ‘why?’ of every business owner and employee attending our CPD accredited training.

Why opt for public speaking and presentation training?

It’s unrealistic to expect 100% to be given or gained without commitment and buy-in from the attendees, which is unlikely without the ‘why’ being understood and accepted.

So our training always starts by outlining the benefits of improved public speaking and communications skills.

Being good at public speaking isn’t just for those who have to stand up in front of an audience. We all need to communicate with others, both professionally and socially. The ability to effectively communicate knowledge, skills, experience, passion and opinions can make a huge difference for you and for your organisation. Our motto is: speaking confidently in front of others can open doors you may not even know exist.

Great public speaking and communication skills give you the edge over others – even in cases where they may have more knowledge or a stronger message!

And it is harder to progress if we keep our knowledge, skills and experience locked away and never share them with others.

Good public speaking enables you or your teams to:

  • Inform, motivate and persuade/win over
  • Shine - you can’t be a legend alone in a room!
  • Create new opportunities and develop
  • Be recognised as a leader or expert
  • Become better innovators, sales people and/or Managers.

If your organisation’s employees, management, directors and stakeholders speak confidently in front of others, with conviction and passion, can master storytelling authoritatively and engagingly, and get their message over in a compelling way, they will be an even better asset.

Successful businesses are always based on the success of their people, so giving employees effective communications skills enables them to:

  • Develop as individuals and as teams
  • Be better able to share knowledge, skills and best practice
  • Be more effective in meetings
  • Build stronger relationships with colleagues, customers, stakeholders and suppliers
  • Help your company stand out from the competition.

So to answer our own question of ‘Why invest time and money in public speaking and presentation training?’ we’d reply that it is a “soft skill” giving “core skills” a voice, and is essential for individuals and organisations alike.

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