Facebook Live - Verbal vs Physical Communication

Chris Dawes; the founder of Open Dawes Training, professional motorsports commentator, presenter (business, TV, live event, and radio), and voice over artist; is interviewed by Natalie Sherman of Naturally Social on a Facebook Live.

In this fifth instalment of numerous planned Facebook Live's on Open Dawes Training's Facebook page Chris talks about both the importance, and comparisons between verbal and physical communication.

Verbal communication may be the most considered when presenting or communicating with others, but not only are there many other areas of this that can have a significant impact on how we come across, but the physical communication can make or break it!

This Facebook live looks at many aspects of both sides, and also goes into more detail on several of them, to give a taster of hugely useful modules of the Open Dawes Training courses.

physical communication

It may seem daunting to think that we have to consider how we stand, look to others, look at our audience, move, use our hands, and many other elements of physical communication when we already know that there is a lot to think about with the verbal delivery and interaction of our presentation, speech, meeting, interview, or general communication. But Open Dawes Training's coaching programs are designed to help us understand each element and their importance simply, and then how to apply them naturally and without thinking. So often we achieve our goal of candidates saying/thinking, "oh yeah! Why didn't I think of it like that?".

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