Standard Interactive Internal Group Package

What is your organisation's training strategy for public speaking, presentation skills, and effective presence and communication skills in meetings?

Whether members of your organisation need to stand up and give presentations to customers, colleagues, people they report to, or people who report to them; or whether their active participation in meetings to gain on their knowledge/experience needs to be encouraged and improved; investing in communication soft skills is an investment that should not be overlooked. The benefits will be experienced by, and from, all levels of the organisation's hierarchy when their confidence, skills, and willingness to speak up and share their knowledge, skill sets, and experiences, is encouraged and fine-tuned.

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Typical Course Structure

Suitable for groups of up to 8-10 people from your organisation. Can incorporate people from different departments or levels of the hierarchy in the same sessions, or split out to address specific requirements of each. This package is simply multiplied by the number of sessions required to satisfy your candidates in groups of up to 8-10 people in each.

This package starts with a full day of learning and interactive practice, followed by a half-day follow-up (typically 1-2 months later, but at your discretion) to act as a refresher, analysis of experiences since the full day, and more detailed/relevant practice.

Examples of attendees have included Sales teams, staff who provide training, Management teams, Directors/CEO's etc., Graduates, Apprentices, and anyone else who has to participate in meetings, presentations, discussions, exhibitions/seminars, networking meetings, etc.

There is also a half-day training session that is commonly added as a follow-on for further training and development, which focuses on the skills and importance of having a presence in and improving skills of communicating effectively in meetings.

Meetings can be held prior to the training to include bespoke elements/messages if require

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  • Reasons for/Benefits of public speaking
  • Advantages of face to face communications (especially compared to emails/electronic messaging)
  • Nerves
    • Reasons
    • Understand feelings
    • Perspective
    • Who has them?
    • How to address, manage, and use nerves to your advantage (adrenaline)
    • Evidence of nerves? – perception
    • Confidence in your knowledge, message, passion
    • Audience there to listen to new information or alternative point of view
  • Buzz of letting your voice be heard
  • Inform, motivate, win over/persuade
  • Techniques
    • Preparation
    • Starting & Finishing (overlooked, but can undermine the content if lacks impact)
    • Verbal Communication
    • Physical Communication
    • Interaction (or dealing with lack of)
    • Relationship/rapport building – listening as important
    • Identifying and playing to YOUR strengths
  • CEO's, Directors, and Management
  • Members of staff from every department that have to interact with others
  • Sales Teams who have to provide sales pitches
  • Channel Account Managers
  • Customer Account Managers
  • Staff who provide training (internally/externally)
  • Customer Support staff
  • Training and development provision as an investment in people (incl. IIP)
  • Heads of Departments
  • etc.

At your premises, or a neutral venue

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