Presence and Communication Skills in meetings

Whilst "public speaking training" is deemed to be aimed at those who stand up in front of an audience and present or provide a speech, the art of speaking up in public goes much further than that. There is also media training, and having a presence and communicating effectively in meetings.

This training session focuses on the meetings element, as it is vital for all organisations that the maximum is achieved from all attendees, especially as meetings cost time, money, and possibly travel, and are held to typically achieve or overcome something important. However, if anyone does not bring their particular knowledge, skills sets, opinions, and experiences to the meeting, the conclusions, outcome, or plan of action can very easily be skewed away from the optimum outcome.

It is very common for people to not have the confidence or inclination to participate (fully or at all) in meetings for various reasons. That include feelings of inferiority, intimidation, lack of overall confidence to speak up at all, fear of confrontation, etc. But it is important that everyone understands just how important their involvement in the meeting is (including to anyone they may be fearful or feeling inferior to) to the organisation and their own development, how to walk the tightrope with challenging characters, and to accept the disagreements are vital to learn and achieve a rounded conclusion ("The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress" - Albert Einstein).

This half day course is for a maximum of up to 8-10 people and is seen as a very important and worthwhile investment both for organisations and individual development. It is often used as an additional training session following on from the Interactive Training Package , or as part of the Internal Contract options, but could be provided in isolation if deemed appropriate.

Meetings can be held prior to the training to include bespoke elements/messages if required.

This information is brought to life with a short video about the importance of presence and communication in meetings

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  • CEO's, Directors, and Management
  • Members of staff from every department that have to interact with others
  • Sales Teams who have to provide sales pitches
  • Channel Account Managers
  • Customer Account Managers
  • Staff who provide training (internally/externally)
  • Customer Support staff
  • Training and development provision as an investment in people (incl. IIP)
  • Heads of Departments
  • Graduates and Apprentices
  • etc.

At your premises, or a neutral venue

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