Media Training for Organisations

Have you considered how you will tackle being in front of the media, or a camera and microphone?

It is something that most people are either uncomfortable with before they start, or become stiflingly uncomfortable with once it starts! And yet the idea of coverage/exposure by the media is a marketing dream and the medium of video is used more and more for marketing, training, information, health and safety etc.

To ensure that you can feel a lot more relaxed, and confident in the knowledge that you will be on point for such things, we are able to provide media training at your premises. Whilst the focus is to ensure that the delivery is confident and as good as the content, we can also make sure that the content is as good as we will make your delivery if you would appreciate consultancy on that side as well.

This training course was originally created for sports people who are trying to forge a professional career for when they are facing the media, sponsors, and fans, but has since been requested and taken advantage of by commercial and public sector organisations too.

Typical Course Structure

This course is able to also draw on our media experience as well as our business presenting/training backgrounds and helps people who either have to face TV/Radio interviews and have to go in front of cameras/microphones for internal and external video/audio productions.

The sessions include practical work in front of the camera and to microphone as well as theory, with its value unparalleled with our experience of many years of being either side of the camera/microphone and interviewer/interviewee fence.

Meetings can be held prior to the training to include bespoke elements/messages if require

  • 1-to-1 Half Day - from £500 + VAT
  • Group Half Day (Maximum of 4 people) - from £1,500 + VAT
  • Group Full Day (Maximum of 8 people) - from £2,500 + VAT

To request a free telephone conversation, face-to-face meeting, or video conference to discuss in more detail, please complete the enquiry form below, email, or call 01793 238259

At your premises, or a neutral venue

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