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"Peek Through Open Dawes" - 5: Nerves - Who & why

Episode 5 of "Peek Through Open Dawes" starts a sequence of videos on NERVES of speaking in public, meetings, or giving presentations; who gets them & why

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"Peek Through Open Dawes" - 4: Meeting Voice

Whilst apologising for absence of proper "Peek Through Open Dawes" episode, video 4 touches on how confidence to speak up is vital for meetings too

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"Peek Through Open Dawes" - 3: Memorising Script

"Peek Through Open Dawes" video 3 looks at challenges of memorising a script for a presentation or speech, and why you may be better reading it effectively

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"Peek Through Open Dawes" - 2: Written vs Verbal

"Peek Through Open Dawes" video 2 compares verbal communication with the now overused electronic email or messaging commincations and the damage it does

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"Peek Through Open Dawes" - 1: Public Speaking Benefits

"Peek Through Open Dawes" this time looks at reasons and benefits of Public Speaking, with an alternative way of looking at it to relish the opportunity

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