Case Study - Nerves and more effective meetings

Meeting Communication Skills Case Study:

The issue

Financial planner Karen Masi is a director of Oculus Wealth Management Wiltshire. Formerly a graphic designer, Karen joined Oculus initially as a PA and administrator, but as time progressed decided to take the opportunity to switch careers and become a fully qualified financial adviser.

meeting communication case study

After becoming a paraplanner she fully qualified as a financial adviser in the summer of 2019. Although confident about the more ‘technical’ side of her work she wanted to feel more relaxed and positive when seeing people, especially existing clients who she had not met before and potential new clients.

Financial planning is highly regulated. In meetings, Karen is required to gather information and present specific documentation and solutions and although she has seen this done when accompanying colleagues she wanted to develop her own style and delivery, while not straying from this forming part of the natural conversation.

Our Solution

We met Karen at her Wiltshire office and discussed her main concerns and issues. Her nerves and anxiety, especially in relation to meeting existing and potential clients for the first time, were specific areas that needed addressing.

We ran two, half-day sessions, which were specially created to meet her requirements. At the start we videoed Karen in a role play scenario, talking to a ‘client’ who was played by our Managing Director Chris Dawes. We played this back to Karen, so we could talk about what she did well and what needed improvement.

Our training gave her specific strategies for dealing with nerves and for helping the conversation to flow, without compromising the need to adhere to regulations. For example, we taught her how to take her time, slow her speech down and make use of pauses.

Towards the end of the second session, we filmed Karen again, in a second role play situation with Chris. She could see for herself the difference the training had made, which in itself gave her more confidence.

The outcome

“I really wanted to be more confident and feel less nervous in one-to-one meetings and knew that training would help,” said Karen. “Chris is very open and friendly, and easy to get along with. He really put me at my ease, especially during the videoing. I now have good strategies in place to help me deal with my nerves when I meet new clients, which I can use going forward.”

If meetings form part of your business role, and you want to make them more effective or need help with overcoming nerves, then please get in touch with Chris and the team to find out more about our CPD accredited training. You can also read our blog on getting the most from your meetings and watch a Facebook Live regarding making your communication skills count in meetings.

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