Importance of Presenting Something in Best Light

Whether it is individuals spending vast amounts of time researching or getting their valuable knowledge down "on paper", or organisations bringing together their knowledge and/or proposition that has cost them tangible and intangible time and money to collate, all of it can be undone by not presenting it in the best possible way to the audience.

Effective Presentation skills and public speaking training is not just about having the confidence to speak in front of others, but also thinking about what you are going to say, and how/why you are going to say it. "Dead cow" and "Beef Steak" are for all intents and purposes the same things; but one sounds more appealing that the other, and I know which one I am more likely to say yes to!

presentation skills

What is going to get and keep interest?

Once the information has been collated, it is vital to consider the format and delivery of the script as well as the content. As part of the Public Speaking and Presentation training/workshops at Open Dawes Training, we look at the key areas of the script:

  • Start - needs to be punchy! They already know your name, but they don't know your relevant interesting fact or question. Make them want to hear the content of your presentation.
  • Content - They are here to listen to your expertise and/or alternative point of view. Provide your information in a positive, committed manner; always thinking that you want them to buy/buy into what you are saying. This is not just relevant to sales type presentations, but even in something like training for example, you need them to buy into how to use/do it. (you will be surprised how many different people/departments presentation skills are relevant to)
  • Understanding/Digesting - Don't just throw all of the information at them! Break it down into multiple sets of Tell - Show - Tell! Tell them what you are going to show them - Show them - Tell them what you have just shown them.
  • Big Conclusion - Finish with something that they are going to remember! Either a final "WOW", or a call to action that they are able to remember that they need to do next (having made sure that they want as a result of your presentation)
  • Fielding Questions in Presentation(if appropriate) - Listen carefully; don't get defensive (remember, an objection could be the sign post the successful conclusion); remain in control; if you don't know the answer, it is best to be honest and get back to them (and ensure you do); and treat the audience with the same respect you would like to be treated with.
  • Final Word - That's right, you shouldn't just finish with the Q&A section! As well as thanking everyone for their questions, have the final word by either re-iterating the foundation of the presentation, call to action, or final relevant wow factor! The final bit of anything is what we usually remember! For example, it is always the best part of a meal that is kept until the end; whether steak or vegetables....

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