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Whilst it is obvious that people who have to give presentations to external people would benefit from gaining in confidence and the skills in delivery obtained from presentation skills training, there are many other people who would also benefit from mastering this "soft skill". In fact, the list would be shorter for those who would not benefit from it.

Presentation skills coaching can also be key to getting the maximum from meetings and the provision of internal training, fulfilling potential to rise through the ranks within an organisation, and networking, to name but a few examples. Hence individuals in every position and stage of their career experience benefits, and it enables organisations to get the most from staff/management and to enable the progression of their stars of the future through the ranks.

presentation skills training

Some people have a crisis of confidence at the idea (more than the practice much of the time) of speaking in public at all, whilst others stumble at the practice of getting their message over in the best way. Some find it worse when it is with people they know, whilst others find that familiar faces are a comfort blanket. This proves that we are able to train our minds to think of it either way; in the same vein as larger or intimate audiences also splits opinion.

Many people also become fearful of forgetting their speech, and yet it is more often than not because we are trying to tackle it as though it were a scripted drama rather than a discussion about a subject you are knowledgeable about, with a list of bullet points to remind you of the points you want/need to cover. And yet ironically the idea of an unexpected request to present/speak right now, without time to write a script, sends people colorless and breathless despite removing the presence of a script that can be forgotten. Therefore, it is fair to assume that we convince ourselves that it is a fearful scenario either way!

What if anyone, in any role, in any position within the hierarchy was able to learn that the nerves they feel are the same as the adrenaline we feel when we are excited, and begin to enjoy the opportunity to have air time, to share their knowledge, experiences, opinions, etc. with anyone; whether internal or external to their organisation?

What if anyone, in any role, in any position within the hierarchy was able to quickly list bullet points that they want to cover, and then add the meat around the sizzle off the cuff to express these points?

This would enable the individuals with the experience, knowledge, or opinions, etc. to demonstrate their worth to others, and show the ability to speak up and/or present is a soft skill that is vital to demonstrate all of your other skills! Whilst also helping organisations to benefit from these skills of their individuals, and have more stars of the future that not only go further for their own sake but also add value to the organisation itself. Every department and every person are able to shape the direction of the organisation, by making sure that their expertise is shared, benefited from, and guides the decision making processes of internal and external audiences in any discussion, meeting, training, or presentation.

It is worth accepting that there are always three versions of your presentation or speech; the one you intend to give, the one you gave, and the one you wish you had given! This is absolutely fine, and would even be the case if it was 100% perfect. The benefit of presentation skills training is that we make sure that there isn't a fourth; the one you wish you hadn't given!

Those who have scenarios that require them to be absolutely 100% on point with any speech or presentation participate in presentation skills mentoring, but presentation skills coaching is relevant and of huge benefit to every person in every part of the organisation! Hence more organisations' training strategies include public speaking training, and experience considerable benefits for the individuals, and organisation as a whole.

"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of, who do the things no one can imagine." - Alun Turing

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