Open Dawes Training Website Launch

Thanks to the whole team at GEL Studios, Open Dawes Training are delighted to be able to launch our new website! In addition to providing information about the training, workshops, and internal contracts offered by Open Dawes Training, it is also intended to be a growing source of resources in varying media formats to help and advise people how to overcome the fear of public speaking, fine tuning presentation skills and techniques, and understand what can be gained from giving your knowledge and passion a voice.

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Book your spot(s) on a course

If you visit our individual public speaking courses page, you will be able to see the details, dates, and venues of courses that you can book you and/or your colleagues on to which will help increase your confidence, willingness, and quality of public speaking or presenting. Whether this is to two or two thousand people, the courses and workshops are designed to be helpful, fun, and engaging for all requirements, and give you added skills and strength.

Internal Organisation Training

If you visit our Organisational Internal Training page, you will be able to see how Open Dawes Training courses can be provided internally for your organisation; whether that is a one off course at your premises, or a contract for a sequence of sessions to cater for multiple groups and requirements. In order to discuss the specifics of the course schedule, and potential bespoke content to suit your organisation, a no commitment consultancy meeting will be held to suit, so please complete your details at the bottom of the page.

Sports Communication/Media Training

If you visit our Sports Media Training page, you will be able to see how Open Dawes Training is able to combine business and sports media backgrounds to provide aspiring sports people advice and training on communicating with media, sponsors, fans, teams, etc. The training is also designed to help understand why it is important to avoid an artificial ceiling on the achievements that your ability deserves.

Enquire today about Public Speaking Courses & Training

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements for public speaking, presentation skills, or media training. We will be in contact to answer any questions, discuss the training in more detail, or arrange a free consultation to discuss your, or your organisation's requirements.

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