Open Dawes Training's Motorsport Radio Interview

Lester Forbes of Motorsport Radio invited Open Dawes Training's Co-Founder onto his show to interview him about the public speaking training, presentation skills courses, and sports communication/media training services we offer. Chris Dawes was asked about his background in university and business presentations, and how it got him to the stage where it "opened doors" to being paid to talk about his favourite sport, present on TV and radio, and host/MC all sorts of events. It was no surprise to hear how Chris's experiences have developed into a passion to help others to explore a world with even more possibilities when you are able to interact with people/audiences more freely and share your personality with them.

Radio interview with Open Dawes Training about public speaking

Highlights of the Interview

  • Combining Chris's business and media experiences and knowledge helps Open Dawes Training provide a very unique offering and range of benefits to candidates in all walks of life; whether sporting, professional, or social
  • It is not about turning someone who is quiet and reserved into a chatterbox and soul of the party
    • "Don't wear a mask! Be yourself, and just supercharge that by 10%; but still 10% of who you are, not someone else"
    • People do not expect to hear something different to your true personality, but when you clam up they don't even get to find out what that personality is.
    • "It's not about becoming what you're not, it's about letting people see what you are"
  • Examples of different ways to think about things, that was even insightful for broadcaster Lester Forbes despite his experience
  • Letting people hear your passion and knowledge, and getting an insight into your true thoughts/emotions, can help remove a false ceiling to your achievements that a reluctance to interact/present/speak in front of others can result in
  • Sponsors require more than just outstanding sporting abilities to be convinced to provide backing to someone, and Open Dawes Training are able to help add more tools to your toolkit as you pursue your sporting dream

Thank you to Motorsport Radio for asking Open Dawes Training to be interviewed. The full article article can be found by clicking this Motorsport Radio link.

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